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Blended Learning Program

Program Objective

Knowledge sharing for sustainable development and global prosperity is one of the key motivations behind establishing the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. The KDI School understands the valuable role the GDLN can play as an effective tool for knowledge sharing and learning. As part of the designated GDLN Korean Center’s knowledge exchange initiatives, the KDI School is launching blended learning programs that focus on Korea’s successful development experiences.

Transitioning from an aid recipient to an OECD-DAC donor, Korea has achieved remarkable economic growth, democratization and social stability in less than half a century. With Korea’s extraordinary development widely acknowledged and documented, Korea is in a unique position to share its experiences with emerging and developing countries as a means of furthering global development. The GDLN Korean Center is committed to providing optimal opportunities for development practitioners all over the world to learn from not only Korea’s development experiences, but also to offer peer-to-peer learning opportunities among participating practitioners.

The objective of the program is to enhance the role and impact of the GDLN in connecting practitioners, policy-makers, academics, students and facilitators of development; and to provide a multi-dimensional approach to learning about Korea’s development experiences.

Overview of Korea’s Infrastructure Development and Public-Private Partnership

We are pleased to announce the launch of the KDI School's Distance Learning Seminar Series on "Infrastructure Development and PPP ", which will consist of seven video-conferenced seminars. The first videoconference of the Series, "Overview of Korea’s Infrastructure Development and PPP" will be held on June 8 (Wed) from 16:00~17:30(Seoul Time).

The Economics of Innovation

It is widely acknowledged in the economics literature that innovation is a key to economic growth and the improvement in the standard of living. This lecture addresses the importance of innovation in the path of economic development and surveys possible factors that affect the innovation process such as institutions and spillovers. It also investigates how the knowledge creation in science and R&D is conducted and shaped by intellectual property rights, especially patents. Finally we will discuss the efficient design and the effects of and various policies on R&D and innovation.

An Overview of Korea’s Digital Government Experiences

The first videoconference of the Series, "An Overview of Korea’s Digital Government Experiences" will be held on June 8 (Thurs) from 16:00~17:30(Seoul Time).

Service Government Innovation and E-Government

The second videoconference of the Series, "Service Government Innovation and E-Government" will be held on June 15 (Thu) from 16:00~17:30(Seoul Time).