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  • QWho can use GDLN Korea?
  • A

    Any organization or government officials, policy makers and, development professionals who wants to use

    the videoconference facilities to share Korea"s development experiences with partner countries may make use of GDLN Korea.

    We welcome all content providers and recipients who are dedicated in the field of development to cooperate with us

    and take advantage of our programs, services, and facilities.

  • QWhat equipment and capabilities does GDLN Korea provide?
  • A

    The GDLN Korea"s videoconference room, a newly renovated lecture hall with tiered seating and desks,

    has a total of 30 seats available, each equipped with a PC and microphone, and has a potential capacity of up to 50 people.

    Display monitors are HD and provide high quality screenings.

    The reception room, which is located next to the videoconference room, has screens displaying the ongoing videoconference.

  • QWhat are the requirements for partnering with GDLN Korea?
  • A

    GDLN partners are required to have knowledge regarding Korea"s development and the capacity to deliver and share this knowledge.

    We are looking for candidate GDLN partners who are active in the field of development and learning,

    and are committed to making a positive impact on the development of Korea, as well as developing countries.

    Candidates should have a positive and constructive approach and have mutual understanding of the development of GDLN.

    We require that you be equipped with the overall ability to facilitate South-South cooperation.

  • QWhat is the Global Development Learning Network?
  • A

    The Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) was launched by the World Bank in 2000 to design customized learning solutions for those working in development.

    It is a unique partnership of over 120 affiliates in about 80 countries with the objective of improving the development

    impact by using distance learning methods and connecting development decision makers to exchange knowledge globally.

  • QWhere are the GDLN centers located?
  • A
    GDLN centers are located across the globe in 120 different institutions and organizations. You can view the full list here.
  • QWhat is ‘GDLN Korea’?
  • A
    KDI School of Public Policy and Management was designated as ‘GDLN Korea’ by the World Bank in 2001 and is the only affiliated Korean center for the World Bank?based Global Development Learning Ne
  • QWhat services does ‘GDLN Korea’ offer?
  • A

    ‘GDLN Korea’ provides services in videoconferencing, videoconference facility rental, technical support, and e-Learning.

    ‘GDLN Korea’ hosts a variety of programs regarding different topics on Korea’s development experience to impart educational content on development.

    With ‘GDLN Korea’, local experts can directly learn and discuss the development experiences of Korea and other countries.

    We also provide the facilities and technical assistance necessary to those who want to arrange videoconferences for knowledge sharing in development fields (see Business).

    In addition, we are establishing an e-Learning program to serve as a bridge between knowledge&

  • QWhy does ‘GDLN Korea’ strive to form local partnerships?
  • A

    ‘GDLN Korea’ partners with local public and private sectors, international organizations, NGOs,

    and NPOs in order to expand the knowledge and content available for our clients.

    As the demand for knowledge on Korea’s development experience is on the rise, ‘GDLN Korea’ closely cooperates

    with local development institutions that have contributed to Korea’s development history.

    We constantly strive to expand our local partnership in order to enrich and effectively deliver the&n

  • QHow does one benefit from partnering with ‘GDLN Korea’?
  • A

    Partnering with ‘GDLN Korea’ gives you the opportunity to connect simultaneously with hundreds of professionals in potential

    partner countries around the world. This opens doors to discussing development issues affecting the entire global community.

    Also, you may rent and use our videoconferencing room at any time.

    Moreover, you can identify current issues and demands of developing countries through our GDLN,

    which consists of 120 institutions in more than 80 countries, and, thus, can establish tailored programs to fit your customer’s needs.

  • QIs it possible to connect multiple sites?
  • A
    Yes. ‘GDLN Korea’ supports you in connecting up to 15 sites with the technical assistance of Tokyo Development Learning Center,
    the technical hub of GDLN
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