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GDLN Asia Pacific (AP) was established in December 2006 as a regional association of GDLN Centers , bound together by a common belief in a simple idea - that knowledge should be accessible to all, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Acting as the regional access point to the Global Development Learning Network, which has the capacity to connect over 120 GDLN Centers around the world via videoconference, GDLN Asia Pacific organizes training courses, learning programs and other communication events to enhance development impact. Clie nts are offered a technology platform as well as program design, preparation and delivery services, drawing on the resources of the network.

Many successful programs have been launched, often to meet urgent needs on a global scale, such as the inter-regional seminar series on Avian and Human Influenza. In coordinating such programs, what makes the GDLN truly unique is its rich partnerships, ranging from governments, international and regional or ganizations, corporations, universities to NGOs: the GDLN can serve as a catalyst to help build platforms for cross-sector, community outreach programs, for example, or just as easily, reach into regional and global institutions such as ASEAN, APEC and United Nations agencies.

GDLN Asia Pacific looks forward to working with you to launch more dynamic initiatives commensurate with the demands of a truly diverse and vibrant region. For more information, please contact GDLN Asia Pacific or a GDLN Center near you.
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